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Sorbead R
High performance adsorbent

BASF Sorbead R is a high performance adsorbent for dehydration of air, industrial gases and liquids.
The BASF Sorbead line of highly efficient adsorbents is an alumino- silicate gel formed into hard, spherical beads 每 having a high resistance to crushing and a low attrition rate. Sorbead adsorbents have a longer life than most other adsorbents and can reduce operating costs in most applications.

Sorbead R is an adsorbent with a wide range of applications and its high level of economy and reliability is derived from a combination of unique properties.
Examples of economic benefits include high drying capacity and low desorption energy.
BASF Sorbead R is mainly used for the dynamic drying of compressed air, natural gas, technical gases (e.g. N2, O2 and CO2) and liquefied gases.

Typical distribution of grain size
2.8 每 6.0 mm
2.0 每 5.0 mm
1.5 每 3.4 mm
0.5 每 1.5 mm
Typical properties

Chemical Composition


97 wt. %
3 wt. %

Surface Area (BET)

750 m2/g


Pore Volume

0.4 cm3/g


Equilibrium Capacity for
Water Vapor at 25 C

10 % R.H.
80 % R.H.

6.5 wt. %
36.3 wt. %

Packed Bulk Density

50 lb/ft3


Crushing Strength

>200 N


Attrition Rate

<0.05wt. %


Liquid Water Resistant



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