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Polyglide 1

DESCRIPTION Polyglide 1 is a fully synthetic lubricating grease for plastic friction pairings.-

PROPERTIES - very high compatibility with plastics, compatible with almost all plastics (with plastics which are very susceptible to stress cracking such as polycarbonates, polystyrenes and polymethacrylates, compatibility with the plastic in the actual application must be tested beforehand).
- compatible with polar elastomers such as NBR, CR, ACM, FPM, Q and AU, etc but not compatible with non-polar elastomers such as NR, SBR, BR, EPM and EPDM
- no drop point
- highly resistant to ageing and does not resinify or harden even during long periods of use
- does not contain silicone oils
- almost colourless, therefore low risk of contamination

Complies with the certification for grease in accordance with DIN: KHC-1P-40

DATA Colour : almost colourless/clear
Basis : synthetic oil/gel-thickened
NLGI : 1 DIN 51818
Drop point : non-drip DIN ISO 2176
Operating temperature range : -40 ¡ãC to +150 ¡ãC
short periods up to +180 ¡ãC
Water resistance : 0 - 1 DIN 51807
Copper corrosion : 0 DIN 51811
APPLICATION Polyglide 1 is ideally suitable for lubricating plastics as well plastic/metal friction pairings. The product is used for gearwheels, guideways and ratchets etc. Polyglide 1 does not attack the surfaces of electrical contacts.

INSTRUCTIONS Apply a thin, uniform layer of Polyglide 1 to clean, dry surfaces using a paint brush, spray or sponge. Do not mix with other greases.

Before using the product, check for compatibility plastics sensitive to stress-cracking. Our laboratory will carry out the necessary tests for you.

PACK SIZE Polyglide 1 1 kg Part No. 3190
25 kg Part No. 3191

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