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(Lubricant Fix)

DESCRIPTION Lubricant Fix is a strongly adherent, high-performance grease for lubricating bearings, hinges and slide guides. Special additives allow high surface loading on slow-running transmissions.-

PROPERTIES - extremely adherent
- high EP properties
- water resistant
- resistant to commercially available water-based caustics
- compatible with all commercially available sealing materials
- stable to oxidation even during long periods of use
- reliable corrosion protection
Complies with the certification for grease in accordance with DIN 51 502


DATA Colour : brown, natural colour
Basis : mineral oil Thickener : metallic soap Drop point : +140°„C
Working penetration : 310-340 DIN 51 804
NLGI number : 1
Operating temperature range : -30 °„C to +100 °„C
EMCOR test : 0 (no corrosion) DIN 51 802
Water resistance at 90 °„C : 0 DIN 51 807

APPLICATION For reliable lubrication of bearings, hinges and slide guides. Ideal areas of use: house, yard, garden, hobbies, garage and workshop. Lubricant Fix is also suitable for use as a special grease for lubricating ball bearings operating at high speeds, high temperatures and in corrosive atmospheres.

INSTRUCTIONS Thoroughly clean surfaces removing dirt and old grease residues before application. Apply thinly to sliding surfaces and follow the instructions of the bearing and machine manufacturer.

PACK SIZE Lubricant Fix 50 g tube Part no. 1080
25 kg Part no. 1081

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