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Weies Universalfett
(White Universal Grease)

DESCRIPTION White Universal Grease has been developed for use on high-load plain, roller and rocker bearings. The solid lubricants contained in the product guarantee high load- carrying capacity for clean lubrication points and longlife lubrication. Suitable for use on equipment in contact with food. -

PROPERTIES - safety lubricant for lubrication points free of contaminants

- longlife lubrication
- economical because of extended lubrication intervals
- cost reduction on maintenance and lubricant due to minimisation of breakdown and maintenance times
- suitable for use in food technology
- harmless to health, non-poisonous and satisfies the requirements of the regional institute of trading (Germany)
- good high-pressure properties

Complies with the certification for grease in accordance with DIN 51502

DATA Colour and consistency : white, smooth and soft
Basis : mineral oil with a mixture of white solid lubricants
Thickener : lithium soap
Base oil viscosity at 40 °„C : 108 mm2/s DIN 51562
NLGI number : 2 DIN 51818
Worked penetration : 275-295 DIN 51804
Drop point : +195 °„C DIN ISO 2176
Operating temperature
range : -30 °„C to +120 °„C
Short periods up to +130 °„C
Four-ball test : 3800 N welding load DIN 51350.4
3600 N material load
Water resistance at 90 °„C : 0 DIN 51807
EMCOR test : 0 (no corrosion)

APPLICATION Suitable for lubricating high-load plain, roller and rocker bearings, spindles and guides on machines in the food, drinks, paper, textile and clothing industries as well as on domestic appliances.

INSTRUCTIONS As usual for grease. Do not mix with other greases.

PACK SIZE White Universal Grease 400 g cartridge Part no. 8918
1 kg can Part no. 8921

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